Front-end development is the process of creating the user interface of a website or application. It involves working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create visually appealing and functional layouts. Here are five dos and five don\’ts to keep in mind when developing the front end of a website or application.


  • Do use a CSS preprocessor such as Sass or Less to make your CSS more organized and maintainable. Sass, for example, allows you to use variables, nested rules, and mixins, which can help to keep your code DRY (Don\’t Repeat Yourself).
  • Do use responsive design techniques to ensure your website or application looks good on different screen sizes and devices. According to Statista, as of 2021, 57.7% of internet traffic worldwide came from mobile devices, so it\’s important to make sure your site is optimized for mobile.
  • Do use a JavaScript framework or library such as React or Angular to make it easier to build complex and dynamic user interfaces. React, for example, allows you to create reusable components and manage the state of your application.
  • Do use a CSS framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation to quickly create a responsive layout and add common UI elements such as buttons and forms.
  • Do use a package manager such as npm or yarn to manage your dependencies and make it easier to update and share your code.


  • Don\’t use too many unnecessary divs in your HTML. Instead, use semantic HTML elements such as header, nav, main, and article to give structure to your pages.
  • Don\’t use too many unnecessary CSS classes. Instead, use CSS selectors such as descendant selectors and pseudo-classes to target specific elements.
  • Don\’t use too many unnecessary JavaScript event listeners. Instead, use event delegation to attach a single event listener to a parent element and handle events on its children.
  • Don\’t use too many unnecessary images. Instead, use CSS to create simple shapes and gradients.
  • Don\’t use too many unnecessary JavaScript libraries. Instead, use vanilla JavaScript to perform simple tasks such as manipulating the DOM and handling events.

By following these dos and don\’ts, you can create efficient and maintainable front-end code that will make your website or application look great and perform well.